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Coronavirus x COLA Strikes at UC Berkeley

The coronavirus panic has infiltrated the Bay Area. UC Berkeley will be conducting all classes virtually until the end of the semester, which is a major decision that will affect students and graduate student instructors. I had three classes conducted via Zoom (a video conferencing software) this week.

The other major event happening is the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) strike at Cal orchestrated by the organization Pay Us More UCB. The full teaching strike starts on Monday, March 16. While the impact may be diminished since no in-person classes are being conducted, COLA's mission is extremely important, so you can support them by making a donation.

It is a strange experience to live under the threat of coronavirus. The panic in the air is palpable and it is hard to avoid becoming subsumed by anxiety. The toughest thing for me is that I still have assignments to do, presentations to give, and deadlines to meet amidst the confusing energy. Our daycare is not closed yet, so I'm relying on them so I can do my work. I'll make do if they close, but it won't be easy to entertain a toddler throughout 3-hour classes, 3 times a week.

I'm trying hard to keep myself centered and push away the panic so I can stay healthy mentally and physically to be a good mom and partner and to do what needs to be done. What are you doing to keep yourselves afloat in the chaos? Let me know at or @momphdblog.


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