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Glamour: "Miscarriage Has Always Been Isolating. Then Came the Pandemic"

I wrote another piece for Glamour's fertility coverage on the difficulties of miscarrying during the pandemic. While miscarriages are already such harrowing emotional experiences, having less access to loved ones and medical professionals because of shelter-in-place has only made it more difficult for women. Thanks so much to the strong women who spoke to me about their experiences. Let me know if this is something you or a loved one has ever gone through at @momphdblog.

"Miscarriages have always been surrounded by silence, but opening up about your experiences and working past the shame are what is helping millions of women around the world heal from their own losses. While COVID-19 has made the experience of miscarriage feel even more isolating, you are not alone and you are heard."

As always, thanks for reading!


Mom, PhD


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