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Good Housekeeping: Asian Discrimination

I am tired of hearing about violence against Asians during the coronavirus pandemic. I am tired of discrimination against Asians in general based on how we look, speak, or live. So, I wrote about it for Good Housekeeping. Read it and learn how to be an ally to Asians now and always.

Here's an excerpt:

"The onset of anti-Asian hate from the pandemic has mobilized more Asians to get involved, speak out, and advocate for change, myself included. The energy is growing and Asians are finding the power to heal their frayed nerves and broken bones. If you or someone you know are struggling with your mental health during these times, organizations like the Asian Mental Health Collective and the National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association have resources that may be helpful.

What I’ve realized is that when you’re targeted for your appearance, language or name, you can’t run away from who you are. You can either try to erase it, or you can embrace it—I choose to have Asian pride."

Thanks for reading, as always.

Mom, PhD


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