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Hey, Spring Semester!

Can you believe it’s the start of the spring semester at Berkeley? The break went by like lightning! My son's school went on break after I turned in my last paper, so we were back to full-time mom life for a bit (which is no joke!). Then, we had family in town for the last few weeks. Before I knew it, it’s January 21, 2020: the first day back at Cal for the spring.

Spring at University Village

What are your goals for the semester? One of mine is to schedule in self-care along with school and work assignments each week. I found an affordable spa nearby and I went yesterday while my husband watched my son. It was a Finnish spa and it was a new, interesting, and relaxing experience. It's so great to know there are local spots around to support you.

How will you cultivate your mental and physical health while being a student this semester? Let me know at or @momphdblog.

Thanks for reading!

Mom, PhD


Mom with Stroller
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