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"In Berkeley Hills, artist draws on her German heritage to make 'the work to remember'"

Some time has passed since George Floyd's murder, but let's not forget that Black lives still matter. Artist and filmmaker Karina Epperlein is devoting her time, creativity, and labor to make sure that the residents of Berkeley don't forget it. For Berkeleyside, I interviewed Karina about a mural she's painting on her garage doors that include the name, birthday, date of death, age of death, occupation, and home town of nearly 100 Black people who have been murdered by police. Check out Karina's poignant mural and the full story on Berkeleyside.

Photo by Pete Rosos, Courtesy of Berkeleyside

“For me, it is a memorial. I am meditating on these people when I spell out their names and dates. I’m honoring and celebrating who they were." - Karina Epperlein

Thanks to Karina for sharing her story and mural with me and the East Bay community.


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