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Orientation: Babies at Berkeley

I made a bold choice for my first day as a PhD student at UC Berkeley: I brought my baby to orientation. I wanted to communicate that my family will be a big part of my identity as a student; family first, always. And I wanted my son to experience UC Berkeley and witness the start of an education. It's an exciting time!

A lecture at Dwinelle Hall

And off we went! But the day was very long. We were there for eight hours. I packed his lunch and fed him while I took a few bites of the wrap that was catered for students. I had fellow students help haul the stroller up flights of stairs as I tried to attend some of the workshops offered. We went to one academic writing workshop where we stayed outside of the theater, close enough that I could vaguely listen to what they were saying but far enough that I could bolt because nap time crankiness is no joke.

That being said, the staff and faculty running the workshops were very accommodating to a mom and baby duo! This is Berkeley, after all. The day was hard at some points; it was awkward and uncomfortable at some points; it was exciting and challenging at other points. Overall, it was a great day and a good start to my graduate career at UCB.

UCB's Student Parent Center


Mom with Stroller
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