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Glamour: "Michelle Buteau: I Always Wanted Kids—I Didn’t Realize How Hard It’d Be to Have Them"

Actress Michelle Buteau

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Always Be My Maybe and First Wives Club star Michelle Buteau on her pregnancy story for Glamour. Here's a short excerpt from the essay:

"Motherhood is fast and furious, but it’s also helped me to slow down and taste the rosé. The biggest challenge of motherhood is time management. When I’m with my babies, I think that I should finish that writing thing, but I also want to see how they eat their newest baby food. While I was filming Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong, she’s finishing a book, doing rewrites, starring in a movie, all while her babies are with her and she’s still pumping. And she’s exercising every day. She is one of the most hardworking moms I know."

Click on the link for the full essay:


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