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I’m Walking, Baby

We have some exciting news! Our baby boy is walking! Watching a baby learn to walk is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The whole process is a slow burn that begins from the moment they start crawling. After they're mobile on the ground, people start to ask, “Is he standing yet? Is he walking yet?” As annoying as these repetitive questions are and as anxious you are to see those first steps, it’s an absolute joy to watch the process. It isn’t easy to support your entire body and coordinate your limbs in a way that literally defies the laws of physics, and our son was patient and determined throughout. We are so proud of him.

So, as I was frantically walking around campus trying to orient myself and not be late to class, our baby was following in my footsteps. We’re celebrating two major milestones here at Mom, PhD: the beginning of a doctorate degree and the beginning of bipedal life. We’re both growing fast and nothing can stop us. Bring it on, baby.


Mom with Stroller
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