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Week 1, Spring: A Gift for Yourself

It’s been a stressful first week of the spring semester for us at Mom, PhD. We’ve had a baby with a cold, residual fatigue from a busy break, and frustrating funding issues in our department. I feel tired and jaded, but I've been trying to find that spark of energy I need to command a new semester.

Today, our family took a morning trip to the Claremont Hotel. We had brunch at the hotel's restaurant and visited a shop and bakery in the area. At the store, a pink polka-dotted loungewear dress and sheer mesh babydoll cover caught my eye. I longingly touched the soft fabric and delicate lace details. I told myself that I deserved to treat myself and bought them with no hesitation. I even had them gift wrap the purchase just for me to open later.

View from the Claremont

Sometimes buying myself something frivolous and completely unnecessary is exactly what I need. Retail therapy is super effective for me. Living on a PhD stipend means my budget is tight but I'm trying to make room to fund my self-care. My mental and physical wellbeing are definitely worth it. I'm wearing my new garments as I write this post and prepare to read some Hannah Arendt for my classical rhetoric class, and I feel good!

What do you splurge on to show yourself some love? It can be a range of things from an indulgent dinner at a ritzy restaurant, an expensive bottle of champagne, or intricate lingerie. It can even be as simple as a fancy bottle of water or organic multicolor baby carrots: self-care looks different for everyone. Let me know what you love to buy for yourself at @momphdblog or


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